The Backyard Snowboard with the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System. It's a Snurfer with More!
  • PHNX - Trailblazer ORIGINAL


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    PHNX Boards V3: Trailblazer

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    One genuine, American-made, Trailblazer snurfer, with the double-patented "Board-2-Ski" design and "Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System". Seven pressed, laminated wood layers with clear hard maple face and back. Heat branded logos, clear finish, metal and plastic components.  Hand-crafted, glued, sanded, and finished.  

    Rather than just replicate the original Snurfer, as other manufacturers have done, we completely re-imagined it.  

    The binding is an amazingly simple step-on, step-off system that doesn't require special boots. The "Slide-2-Switch" feature allows easy switching for regular or goofy riders. The binding automatically opens when you release the Rip-Cord in a fall or at the end of a run, and the safety brake stops the board from taking off down the hill. The double-layer platform adds stiffness and raises your rear foot to keep it from dragging.  The Trailblazer has a snowboard shovel that becomes skis in the back, with a slight side-cut and a cutout in the middle that makes the perfect carrying handle.  

    This is a one-size-fits-all board that's easy to use for beginners but with features that allow advanced riders greater control and fun.  47 inches long x 8-3/4" tail x 8-1/4" mid x 9" front.  

    The cheapest Chinese-made Burton resort snowboard is $360 and you still need a lift ticket every time you board.  For $169 -including free shipping- you get an American-made snurfer and a lifetime pass to all of the terrain beyond resorts...and you support small business manufacturing.  

    Note: while the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake system gives you more control, like all snurfers it does not have the steel edges of a resort board, and as such is not designed for use at resorts or on hard-packed or icy slopes.  Fortunately, since 99% of rideable terrain is beyond resorts, there is plenty of untracked and loose snow to be claimed.

    Mona Lisa not included.