The Backyard Snowboard with the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System. It's a Snurfer with More!
  • PHNX - ThrowHack! 2020 Limited Edition


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    PHNX Boards THROW-HACK, Limited Edition:  3 units only!!!

    Welcome to the 
    THROW-HACK" a snurfer built on a Burton Throwback chassis, but HACKED for a better ride!

    We took a brand new Burton Throwback and ripped it through our table saw to convert it into our 
    patented "Board-2-Ski" design and then added our patented "Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System". 

    Why?  Because, while we like most snurfers, we think the Throwback is just too flexible and it doesn't have the special sauce you get with a PHNX Board: the added stability and control of the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System! Wider and longer than most snurfers, it could have been a great choice for deep powder days…if it was made like a PHNX Board!

    Serious PHNX Boards fans know we hacked a throwback as soon as it came out and proved we could make a better ride.  You can see the video here.

    So, ramping up for the 2020/2021 season, we figured we'd hack a few boards and see if any riders wanted to up their riding experience. 

    So, what exactly is the special sauce?

    The PHNX binding is an amazingly simple step-on, step-off system that doesn't require special boots. The "Slide-2-Switch" feature allows easy switching for regular or goofy riders. The binding automatically opens when you release the Rip-Cord in a fall or at the end of a run, and the safety brake stops the board from taking off down the hill. The double-layer platform adds stiffness and raises your rear foot to keep it from dragging.  The Throw-Hack has a snowboard shovel that becomes skis in the back, with a slight side-cut and a cutout in the middle that makes the perfect carrying handle.  

    This is a
    one-size-fits-all board that's easy to use for beginners but with features that allow advanced riders greater control and fun.  51 inches long x 11-3/4" wide at the widest 

    The cheapest Chinese-made Burton resort snowboard is $360 and you still need a lift ticket every time you board.  For $269 -including free shipping- you get an American-made snurfer and a lifetime pass to all of the terrain beyond resorts...and you support small business manufacturing.  

    SAFETY NOTE: while the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake system gives you more control, like all snurfers it does not have the steel edges of a resort board, and as such is not designed for use at resorts or on hard-packed or icy slopes.  Fortunately, since 99% of rideable terrain is beyond resorts, there is plenty of untracked and loose snow to be claimed.

    *NOTE: Burton brand and trademarks owned by Burton, who has nothing to do with PHNX Boards and probably would be pissed off that we destroyed one of their Chinese boards and reminded them that they threw shade on us when we were so excited to share our cool idea with them.  To be fair, we believe Jake Burton would have really dug our board, but as with so many companies when they get big he probably was never even told about it by his minions. You see, back when we first created PHNX Boards, BEFORE Burton even released their Throwback, we actually contacted them to see if they would license our double-patented system.  We figured that if anyone would appreciate the introduction of a better snurfer it would be Burton, who built an entire new sport based on Sherman Poppen's original snurfer.  Instead, we were smugly told that they were "about the future, not the past."  OK, that's cool, except after they said that they did the exact opposite and released their own retro snurfer “Throwback”, yeah Throw-BACK, as in the past!   

    Without the big bucks of a Burton to help get the word out, we've been quietly making PHNX Boards ever since, with the guiding PHilosophy of capturing the best of the original snurfer, but making it even better.  Thus was born the Trailblazer...long before the Throwback was even on the market.  And in the same spirit of making things better, we now officially introduce the Throw-Hack!

    **NOTE: Ronald McDonald did not endorse this product but probably would if he was actually a real person and rode a PHNX Board


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