The Backyard Snowboard with the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System. It's a Snurfer with More!



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Well, that took us by surprise!  Not sure if it was more people at home searching for ways to escape Covid, the word is starting to get out that Snurfing was, is, and will be a great way to rock winter...or that PHNX Boards is just a better ride...but we ran out early this year.  Sorry to disappoint, but we're not Ford cranking out F-150s over here!  No, this is a small-batch distillery hand crafting these boards a few at a time.  So, y'all will just have to wait and in the meantime we suggest you hit up eBay for a used vintage snurfer (search "snurfer snowboard") or find one of the other mfrs out there who are offering similar (mostly inferior) products.  Yeah, you'll have to compromise for a while, 'cuz only the PHNX Board has the double-patented Board-2-Ski base and Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System.  

Probably will be end of season before new boards arrive.  If you want to be notified, hit us up at   

BTW, prices will be going up mostly because UPS loves to extract every possible dollar from small businesses and charges us more to ship than we make in profit on a board.  

While you're waiting, check out our our award-winning (uh, that's a lie) back issues of our blog:  Snurfing with PHNX Boards

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