The Backyard Snowboard with the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System. It's a Snurfer with More!

What is a snurfer?  What is snurfing?  What is the difference between snurfers?

A "snurfer" is short for  "snow surfer", introduced in 1965 by Sherman Poppen with his "Snurfer" brand snowboard. The original board was a straight, laminated plywood v-hull with a stapled footbed and fixed control cord, designed for easy step-on-step-off use in backyards and hills. Innovators increased it's length and width and added bindings, steel edges, fiberglass and plastic. The newer boards were better for lift-served mountain resorts, and there the modern sport of snowboarding was born. In recent years, due to the increasing cost of resorts and the realization that 99% of all terrain is beyond resorts, there is renewed interest in the original sport.

Snurfers are "one-size-fits-all" boards, good for beginners to experts, goofy or regular riders. Most snurfers only need a few inches of snow to ride well, and they don't require special boots. Since snurfers don't have steel edges or fixed bindings, they do lack the rigid, precise control of a resort board, and thus don't perform as well in hard packed or icy conditions. On the other hand, since the rideable terrain is so vast, there is so much more fresh, un-tracked, un-packed snow on which to ride.  And it is a lighter, less expensive, less complicated snurfer that is best able to take advantage of all this FREE riding.  It is so easy to just grab a snurfer and go!

Snurfing is back!

When we introduced PHNX Boards in 2013, we predicted a "Retrovolution". Sure enough, an increasing number of companies are selling snurfers, and the "Snurfer" trademark was re-established in 2014. Nevertheless, a snurfer long ago became a generic term for a type of snowboard, and snurfing describes the sport.  PHNX Boards and these companies make snurfers...used for snurfing... just like Burton and Lib-Tech make snowboards, used for snowboarding...but only PHNX Boards has the patented Rip-Cord Binding/Brake system (tm) !

A snurfer...with MORE!

The PHNX Trailblazer is the only board that converts the control cord into an ACTIVE cord. Pulling the micro-adjustable cord engages the patented Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System (tm).  This system holds you onto the board for greater control in turns and on jumps, but unlike a fixed binding you can still step-on, step-off like any other snurfer. It also includes an integrated safety brake that keeps the board from flying down the hill. You won't have to walk to the bottom of a hill to retrieve your board, and you won't hurt your best friend! The PHNX Trailblazer excels in snow that is 1 to 14 inches deep. While we are developing a longer, wider board, we designed the Trailblazer to be the best overall choice for the most most conditions...that most people will find! While younger, beginner riders may be satisfied with the simplest, least costly snurfers, only a PHNX Board has an integrated safety brake, and as they develop their abilities they can learn to appreciate the added control and features that our system provides.

Join the Retrovolution!

For the cost of one or two days at a resort, you can purchase a PHNX Board that will last years.  The next time it snows near you, don't miss out on all the great boarding you could have with a PHNX board.  Buy one today!