The Backyard Snowboard with the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System. It's a Snurfer with More!

This page is dedicated to classic snurfing videos and other things related to snurfing.

An early news short about snurfing, filmed in the early 70's in Michigan, where the original Snurfer was invented:  

Supposedly the first (and only?) national television ad featuring snurfers:

This video was posted in 2009 but produced in 1973:


Sherman Poppen trademarked "Snurfer" and is recognized as the first to mass-market snowboards, but there are others who claim to be the first snowboarders (on Snurfer-like boards). What is astounding about the video below is that the binding concept is the same as the PHNX Boards system, whereby only the rear foot is secured. Had we seen this video prior to developing PHNX Boards, it would have saved us a lot of time, since we only discovered the concept through trial and error over several seasons. That said, our system improved on the concept by making the binding releasable, and by including the safety brake.

Woah, now Patagonia has pushed the clock back 300 years!