The Backyard Snowboard with the Rip-Cord Binding/Brake System. It's a Snurfer with More!

1. Do PHNX Boards replace snowboards?

No, snowboarding is awesome, but snowboards are designed for resorts.  PHNX Boards allow more people to ride in more places since 99% of all rideable terrain is beyond resorts and snurfers are designed specifically for this terrain.  Snowboarders will also want a PHNX Board to claim all that FREE snow!   

2. Who can ride a PHNX Board?

Anyone strong enough to firmly pull the patented Rip-Cord Binding/Brake system. Riders as young as 5 have had fun on a PHNX Board. Though younger riders may not appreciate the advanced performance features, they will still benefit from the solid platform and safety brake.

3. Are PHNX Boards safe?

Since you aren’t attached to the board, you release automatically if you fall and can jump off if headed toward danger. Other people are safe too, because the board has an automatic brake that keeps it from becoming a missile. That being said, there are always risks associated with snurfing or any other winter sport.  Read our full safety statement at the bottom of the site.

4. How do I stay on the board?

When you pull the Rip-Cord you stay attached to the board for riding and jumping, without needing special boots or strap-in bindings. And when you release the Rip-Cord you can simply walk off the board. No other binding in the world lets you do this! It’s so easy to ride a PHNX Board!

5. Isn't the binding just a cord over my foot?

It’s a lot more than that: it’s the Rip-Cord control up front, the Slide-2-Switch (regular to goofy) spring-loaded binding in the rear, and the integrated brake working together as a system.

6. Why is there no front foot binding?

Its another exciting feature: the binding holds your rear foot down and when you pull the Rip-Cord and then step on it with your front foot, the forces lock you onto the board. Then, when you let go of the Rip-Cord, the spring-loaded binding releases, the cord is raised up and out of the way, and you simply walk off the board!

7. Does a PHNX work for regular OR goofy riders?

The PHNX Boards Slide-2-Switch feature lets you change from regular to goofy simply by sliding the binding from one side to the other.

8. How do I turn a PHNX Board?

PHNX Boards are shorter and narrower than a regular snowboard, for easier turning. At slower speeds, you turn by pulling the Rip-Cord to one side while at the same time moving your rear foot to the other. This “skid steering”, like a surfboard on water, allows you to turn and stop as you wish. Once you gain speed, and in deeper snow, you turn by leaning from side to side, carving the snow. 

9. How do I get up the hill?

You get off the couch, grab your board, and walk. Its fun, in fact so much fun there are people who do it even when they don’t have a PHNX Board! That’s called hiking. Either way, when you earn your turns they are more meaningful and infinitely more healthy than being carried.

10. Can I use a PHNX Board at a resort?

PHNX Boards work best in un-groomed snow, off-resort. Resort snowboards, with steel edges and fixed bindings, perform better on the hard packed and icy conditions most often found at resorts. Since 99% of rideable terrain is beyond resorts, a PHNX Board allows you to claim all the FREE riding available.

11. A PHNX Board has no metal edges?

Resort boards require metal edges because slopes are mostly groomed and often icy. Backyard and backwoods boarding offers limitless un-groomed runs, where edges aren’t needed and would simply add expense. 

12. No plastic bottom?

We love the purity and beauty of wood, which is renewable and more easily repaired.

13. What if I scratch a PHNX Board?

Because PHNX Boards require only a few inches of snow, not all sticks and rocks may be covered. If you scratch your board it's most likely because you were fortunate enough to be riding while your PHNX Board-deficient friends were inside watching TV, waiting for enough snow to use their resort gear. Be happy you're riding! Be proud of your scratches! (Really deep scratches can be repaired with sandpaper and touch-up finish.)

14. Are PHNX Boards made in the USA?

The board, binding system, and tubing are fabricated in the USA.  Some screws and washers are made in China. All components are assembled and finished in the USA.

15. Is a PHNX Board guaranteed?

Due to the nature of backyard, backwoods boarding, with all sorts of terrain and obstacles including sticks, logs, rocks, etc., we can't guarantee that you won’t scratch or even destroy a PHNX Board and therefore do not offer refunds. PHNX Boards are built of tough components on a platform of layered wood. Scratches can be sanded and refinished by the rider. We certainly don’t consider our boards as disposable, but since they're so much cheaper than the whole resort-board package (board, bindings, boots, lift tickets, travel, etc.), even if you only use one a few days, you've already saved a pile of money! In fact, why not buy two or three just in case, and if you do destroy one, we bet it was doing some really fun riding, so be sure to video your adventures to send to us.

16. Where did the cyclops come from?

The original Phoenix was a mythical bird who cyclically emerged from the burned ashes of its predecessor. PHNX Boards emerged from the ashes of the original Snurfer, but this time the bird morphed into a cyclops because of his single-minded focus on snurfing. PHNX + fire + cyclops = PHyrclops!

17. How many parts make up a PHNX Board?

Counting every screw and washer, it takes a whopping 99 parts and several hours of labor to glue, sand, brand, finish and assemble a single board. Even as a direct seller, we barely make any money (patents alone cost us thousands $$).  Are we crazy?  Well, maybe we do have a few loose screws, but really we're just driven to make the best snurfer possible, regardless of what it takes, so more people can have fun in the snow.

18. Is a PHNX board perfect?

Nothing is perfect, winter conditions always change, but with practice and effort a PHNX Board can be a whole lot of fun.  If you have an idea for improvement, please let us know